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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ironguy, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. ironguy

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    Anyone have car wreck pics they wanna share? Maybe a story to go along with it?

    2 years ago my stepson decided to visit his girlfriend at 1:30 in the morning. He had no gas in his truck so he 'borrowed' our Volvo 960.

    Coming home at 5:30 am, he fell asleep on the offramp. Doing about 60mph, he went down the street, hit a Mazda which caused him to roll, hit an old Ford Courier pickup, the rolled into a driveway and hit an old toyota pickup. He managed, with one accident, to total 4 cars. Funny thing is, total $$ of the other 3 cars was only $9500.

    Here's the volvo. Body shop told me that even if the car was new, it would be totaled. Sad. We loved that car.

    Oh yeah, no seat belt. He was flung around in the car, hit his face on the rear view mirror, then smacked his head on the passenger window. All in all, he got 3 stitches in his tongue and some minor scrapes. Quite a testimonial for a Volvo.
  2. Jewelzz

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    He's damn lucky that's all that happen to him.
  3. Nick M

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    Lucky. Glad he turned out fine, and nothing serious happened, thank God, but, I don't understand, how do people fall asleep on the road?

    I mean, the hum and crunch of the tires on the road is nice, and if I drive, I don't listen to music, but I keep my eyes on the road and a cup of coffee nearby, in case I'm tried.
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    When I was 16 about 3 months after getting my license I used my moms new car to go to my gf's house and on the way home about 1000 feet from my driveway I fell asleep and hit a telephone pole and flipped thru the air and landed on my wheels in someones driveway. That's was what I called a rude awakening :D .... I was fine except a few small cuts on my right hand. The car was totaled, but my mom got $550 more back from insurance than what she paid for the car hehe.

    The funny thing was my dad 2 nights before told me that if I ever get tired driving to pull over and have a nap. As you can tell I didn't listen :huh:
  5. gonaads

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    That is what we repair mostly at my work, Volvos... and also Saabs.

    They are very strong cars. The newer models are a little less TANK like but still very good cars.

    I am glad that your stepson is in one peice and did not get tooo banged up. One hell of a way to learn a lesson about driving half asleep.

    How did he fair after YOU got your hands on him??? :p
  6. PC-Dude

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  7. gonaads

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    Hey PC-Dude, that first car (your Mom's car), was that a Chevy Celebrity???

    BTW... Seems like you and cars don't do well together. :rolleyes: :p
  8. SkazzyUK

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    Brighton, West Sussex, UK
    Well I just pulled out in ma new ferrari and....


    Not really, I'm only 16 so ain't had a chance to crash yet :p

  9. gonaads

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    Here's a bad one...
  10. Nick M

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    You can fix it back to shape.
  11. PC-Dude

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    No it was a Chevy Cavalier 4 door. And yes I know me and cars don't have veru good luck hehe :D
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    He lived to tell about it

    To gonaads,
    I tend to get on everyone's case at home about stuff like leaving lights on, doors open, TV on, stuff like that. When this happened, I didn't feel like yelling or anything. We were glad he was OK. He felt bad enough about what happened.

    OK, I was also a little happy that his tongue hurt alot, and he doesn't get to borrow our car anymore.

    Now he's getting married in May and will be her problem, er, uh, joy to deal with!