capturing dvd video to your pc

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ryan3dfan, Jun 22, 2002.

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    i know there is software out there that lets you rip dvd's, and also let you save just parts of your movies, like if there's a certain scene thats your favorite etc. anyways these programs cost money and i havent found any that have trials or anything. anyone know of any free/shareware or trials of software like this? no im not planning on making illegal copies of dvd's and crap like that i just want to capture some of my favorite scenes of my movies and have them on my computer. thanks
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    Download Clad DVD XP to rip the .vob files and use VirtualDub to edit the .vob file and get the part of the movie you want.
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    Ya, VCD helper has excellent guides. They dont host all the required downloads but do link to them. I found trial versions with cracks for every piece of required software for dvd ripping and writing. Great site to learn "how-to".