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    Hope you guys can help me with this. I have Direcway satellite internet. Their modem is connected to my Belkin router which has an iMac G5 running Tiger 10.4.3 and an AMD machine running WinXp.

    The problem is with the iMac. I can surf the net ok, but downloads of more than about 50 megs tend to end prematurely for some reason. A few web pages get a lot of errors and won't download all the way. But what really bugs me is that Tiger's Software update won't connect to Apple. I keep getting a bad server response message that offers two buttons. One to quit, and the other to run Network Diagnostics. When I do run network diagnostics it tells me that there is nothing wrong with my network connection. I'll attatch a grab of the dialog. Does anyone know whats going on with this? Direcway hasn't been able to help me with this.

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    Well after serching for some days I thought I'd share the answer with you folks. Found it on Apple's Forums:


    The -1011 error occurs with the Direcway modem when running Software Update, usually after a successful first time through.

    We've discovered that the -1011 error occurs when running software update whenever a cache file is contained in user/yourname/Library/Caches/

    If folder 14 is empty or doesn't exist (because you trash it), software update runs all the way through without a hitch. If a cache file is contained in folder 14, the -1011 error occurs the next time software update is run. 10.4 will eventually replace all cache files and folders in, including folder 14, after you delete them so the -1011 error will eventually reoccur and the folder will need to be deleted again manually.

    A workaround is to empty any cache file inside folder 14 and lock the folder - (highlight 14, get info, check locked). That way, no cache file can be written to that folder by the operating system and software update can be run continually from that point on without ever returning an -1011 error.

    Obviously, there is a conflict between software update and the cache file the OS puts in 14. Hopefully that will be corrected in a future update. It's been reported to Apple. Good luck.


    And it's working so far.