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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by creed, Mar 27, 2003.

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    well, i am a trainee at a networking company, recently i face a problem in which the computer over the network can't really share up the printer...the case is like this, the computer that attached to a HP Laserjet is a WindowsXP PC, then after i added a local printer for this PC...all other PCs can share the printer, but when come to PC with WindowsXP or Windows2000 installed, they just can't add it, they also can't access the PC with Laserjet installed, but all other PCs (with windows 98 or win95) can access and share the you have any ideas what's happening...i am annoyed by this issues quite some times....any ideas.?.
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    well...i found out that even i created a folder and made it as sharing folder, other WinXP still can't access it while Win95 and Win98 PC have no problem to do made me even more n more confusing bout the ease of use of Windows XP...when i double click the user in the network places, it just said it's unaccessible...anyone here would lend me a helping hand....i notice that Windows2000 also have troubles like this...but why only Windows 95 and 98 have no problem.?.thanx for any opinions or suggestions, regards...
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    mt job is to install and configure printers on networks small or large companies. this is what i would do.

    make sure that you have the drivers loaded for the 2000 and XP. you can do this under the properties of the driver and select the sharing tab and at the bottom clicl on additional drivers.