Cant see computers!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kazi, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Kazi

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    I have 5 comps, 3 running XP, one on 98 and one using ME..
    internet works all around, but only one XP computer cant see or connect to the old ones, and those ones cant conenct to it either.. i dont understand why, cuz im trying to share a printer from one XP computer to the ME one and i have the old drivers installed and it shared to the other XP computers but the ME and that XP system just dont see eachother.
    need major help here, i've tried everyhting i can think of, workgroup stuff, searching for each computer specificlly..
    apprecaite any help here..
  2. chooch

    chooch Guest

    Have you tried connecting to it by IP address,
    Start\Run \\ipaddress\ this should show you what folders are shared, also make sure they are all configured with the same gateway and the subnet mask is correct which from your post if they all browse the web it should be configured properly.
  3. have you enabled sharing on xp computers, by default you cannot access them from a network until there is some
    also like user account/password on all (if workgroup) makes pass through authentication unnoticeable if going over network from one to another
    also are all computers in the same subnet and have same mask?
  4. paul123

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    Check your XP firewall settings. Running OEM XP on a laptop connecting to a variety of corporate networks. When looking for comps on the network - even if sharing is enabled all around - can't see them.

    Disabled MY computer's built-in XP firewall, worked fine.