cant see anything in drive

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cky, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. cky

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    ok. when im at school on the remote pc thing and getting projects off this comp it shows Recycled and System Volume Information folders in one of my partitions and when i get home and look for it..its not there...hidden files are shown... wtf is going on..
  2. Indomidable

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    Is this a portable USB/Firewire/Parrellel Drive?

    Regardless it is probably the O/S your using.
  3. cky

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    its just a drive i dunno. its part of my main drive.. its wack because i can only see it no programs and crap and i cant get rid of them.. like they have desktop.ini files and some other junk in them
  4. zyfos

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    Recycled and System Volume Information are protected operating system folders. To see them, uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" in Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab.
  5. Indomidable

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    The recycle bin and System Volume info. These are automaticly put on WIN98 and above M$ O/S'es.

    They hold partition specific information. Sys Vol is the actual File Allocation for NTFS format and includes the security keys etc. You can find out more about this at microsoft's knowlege net. And if you right click on your recycle bin on the Desktop and go into the properties you'll see a Global / Independant config. The joke is even if you turn it off on a drive M$ has to have it written on the partiton that it's disabled so you cannot recover the lost space used by this directory.

    I really wouldn't worry about these Obligatory files they don't occupy much space and are an intergral part of the OS.

    <edit>LoL Zyfos above me actually answered your question :bonk: Geesh I forgot all about the answer instead I was in educate mode or something<edit>
  6. yoyo

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    Actually 'System Volume Information' belongs to System Restore, the restore point informations are in these folders.
    'Recycled' is the recycle bin on Fat32 volumes, on NTFS it is called 'Recycler'.
    You said something about 'desktop.ini' files too, something about junk. If you like folder customisations you want to keep them, 'desktop.ini' files hold the icon information and some other info for special folders.