can´t run Background Switcher from Powertoys!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EMDY, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. EMDY

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    i downloaded another 3 powertoys from this web page..inckuiding Background Switcher....eventough i can´t make it to run. i´ve installed it but don'´t find where to adjust settings of it......i want my background desktop changes avery cartain time....but to do it??.......i´ve checked in the display properties under the Desktop Tab...but nothing!!!! help!!!!!
  2. Waldo

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    Right click a blank area on the taskbar, pick toolbars and turn on MSVDM. Then right click on the MSVDM taskbar and pick configure MSVDM. Pick your desktops and you're in business.
  3. Lukas

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    Background switcher is not the same as virtual desktop powertoy.

    Background switcher switches the backgrounds (d'uh), not the desktops.

    read the readme file included with the 3 powertoys. I think there is something there about problems with background switcher.
  4. Mister Zee

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    Haha Well said Lukas :p
  5. Waldo

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    Sorry, I was asleep.