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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by BloodLust DWS, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. red faction or return to castle Wolfenstine updae xp pro 2600

    they both get to 16-20 % the i get a error they loaded just fine under 98 and me and 2000

    I JUST WANT TO PLAY MY SHOOTERS OBTW Quake 2-3 installs and runs just fine :confused:
  2. waddy

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    I have both them games running under XP .... install and play no different to 98 for me

    what error does it say ?

    are you CD-roms DMA enabled ?

    Are they backups of the originals , could be burnt bad maybe ?
  3. ok there the retial cds

    i get this error and on the DMA im not sure how to chack if i have it ?
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    right click my computer/properties/hardware/device manager
    right click primary/seconday ide channel, should b seconday
    properties/advanced settings/current transfer mode
    and it should tell you wat its running, u can change by where it says transfer mode change it to PIO Only, if its on DMA if available
  5. I am having the same problem, but with more games. Red Faction, SOF, Tribes 2... basically any game except Max Payne.
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    Strange.I have installed all this games and don´t had any problems.Even as i played them there don´t seemed any problems.

    Bloodlust please post your system so we can maybe get more infos to solve this problem.You also should look at the HP´s of the Games.Aaybe there already exists a F.A.Q for this. :)
  7. 1.2 amd t-bird

    320 megs pc 133 ram

    80 gig HD 65 free

    tnt 32 meg anp nvidia

    Hatachi dvdrom drive x16 ide

    HP cdr ide same cable

    need anything else post here thx for the help
  8. Both drives say DMA if avaliable is this right ?
  9. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    This error could be caused for a number of reasons, last time I was recieving this error was due to a faulting stick of ram, but it could be related to your swap file or a number of other things.
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    that must suck :D
  11. more than u know :D
  12. ok i got my problems fix i ran a ram test and BOOM i had a stick of ram that as crapping out on me !! i removed the stick and tested agian and no errors fo i wentout and bought a stick of 512 running 700+ megs know and Xp is running Smooth know and all the games run GREAT !!!