cant install xp (please help me!!!)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by menchi, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. menchi

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    i am trying to install a copy of xp pro on a reletives computer but it wont take.
    i have used this copy on about a dozen other machines and its worked perfectly on all others.
    the offending computer specs are duron 750,mobo is a lex bn730E ultra, all other componets are generic cheepo stuff however it was all pulled out of a system that was running xp fine but just on an old celleron mobo so i am sure its not a hard drive probblem.
    what actualy happens after you have booted from the cdrom and xp setup has copyed all the files over and then loads up all the drivers, you know that blue screen bit just as it reboots into xp it locks up blue screen of death with message.
    "Fatal hard error c000016"

    i have know idea what this means but i have formatted and tryed again more times than i care to remember,i have checked the hard drive for bad sector but it is fine and i am now completly stuck, my only other thought was that i should try to flash the bios. i dont think there is anything wrong with the system as it runs old 98 fine.
    someone please point me in the right direction i need this computer on xp fast.
  2. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Did the CD get scratched or the data on the CD become otherwise corrupted since the last PC you installed? I would try another PC and see if the same error occurs.
  3. menchi

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    i dont think thats the problem, i only have used this disc once since i burnt it and it worked fine that time:D
    i know that does not prove much but i have no other computers to test it on:(
  4. westy1

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    I think it could me a memory problem.
    could you try some ram from another PC?
  5. DarkSiege

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    I searched through the M$ website for a solution on your problem but found no results...sry...:(
  6. vince1956

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    Why would any one in this forum want to be a part of software piracy ? This person has already said that it has been installed on 12 other machines....I would like to think that we as a community should not condone software piracy...WAKE UP PEOPLE..It only inflates the price of software...
  7. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Well, to give the original poster the benefit of the doubt, I want to believe they are calling M$ for each install to get another key & activation. ;)
  8. JJB6486

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    I agree with scriptasylum. We should give the benefit of the doubt. HOw do we know that he is not a IT person for a business that has an legal Enterprise Corp license?

    It sounds like your CD is corrupted, or your comptuer is corrupting ntdll.dll (an essential system file). Call MS to get a new CD (If you are in fact legal) would be my first suggestion.

  9. spycon69

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    Check for latest BIOS updates on M/B AND any controller it might have on-board !(e.g ultra-ata controllers, audio, video etc). I've encountered the same problem in the beginning. If you cannot find updates try to disable all these devices from the bios.
    good luck
  10. menchi

    menchi Guest

    well i tryed some new ram but it was the same.
    i dissabled everything in the bios, sound etc, no effect.
    i changed the video card.
    no effect.
    i flashed the bios, no effect.
    i have no idea what to do now??? but i am sort of swaying towards geting a new mobo.:(

    has anyone else got anymore idears to try.
    am i right in assuming a fatal hard error is hardware based?

    p.s the disc is our office copy and i have put it on loads of computers at work but i know the one i have now has only been used once before by me and it was fine then.

    i dont condone piracy allthough it is quite easy to even download a copy of xp pro from various networks so unfortunatly it will never be possable to stop all piracy.
  11. Sometimes it just doesn't take!

    Have you considered that it’s the hardware of the pc you’re trying to load this on? You did say these were off the wall components that someone threw together to make a clone correct? I know from experience that some machines just don’t like or take XP when you try to install it and the best thing to do is put back the old operating system that was initially on it. I know that doesn’t help you become the hero of the hour to whom ever you were trying to help but that is the way it goes sometimes. Good luck!
  12. eGoalter

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    instead of going back to crappy 98, take your hardware out completly, vid card sound network ect..then install xp . you dont need the vid card right away, or ami wrong as it will use the vga adapter.;)
  13. menchi

    menchi Guest

    i did all the things that were surgested in this thread but nothing worked, then i decided to put the cdrom on its own ide cable and it works straight away.
    can anyone explane that!

    thats for the help ppl.:p
  14. eGoalter

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    i was gonna mention some ide issues, but you beat me to, it. thats great. its a shame you went thru all that stress, and it was an ide thing, doesnt that just burn ya up....that happens to me all the time....:)