Can't get 1mb!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by milecastle, May 15, 2005.

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    When I recently moved home I had to transfer my 1mb wanadoo connection to my new address but in the new address I can only get 512kbps.

    My wanadoo livebox gives the following information:

    ADSL firmware version : A2pB015c3_readsl.d15b-1
    Connection mode : G.DMT
    Type : Fast
    Noise margin (dB) : 16.1
    Attenuation (dB) : 63.0
    Attainable download rate (kbps) : 2944
    ADSL status : Connected [0]

    Rate (kbps) 576/288

    Am I just over the limits for getting a 1mb connection? If so, can I get a BT engineer to call to see if they can help? Is there anything I can do myself (the livebox is plugged into the main phone socket).

    Also, Bulldog and UKOnline are soon to be bringing their faster services to my area. Will I still be restricted to 512 even if I switch to one of those?

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    ring wanadoo and ask em, what they may have done is start you on the 512k package, then gona upgrade you to 1mb in the future?
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    You will need to get BT to do a line check for your new home. However, Wanadoo should have requested this when they migrated you over to your new line.

    If BT says that your line cannot support the faster broadband connection then obviously you will not be able to get anything greater than 512k from any ISP.

    I have 4mb from Bulldog myself, but my friend who lives just about 100 yards away failed the line check from BT and cannot get anything more than 512k connection. Sounds weird, but that's BT for you. :p
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    I'd say to give BT a call, see if there's anything that can be done to improve the line quality.

    Unfortunately ADSL is a rather bizarre and inefficient technology. Hopefully the ADSL2+ trials should help more people achieve faster connectivity (however, it is BT, so it'll probably be 2009 before they begin the trials then 2023 before we see commercialisation of the product... *sigh*)