Cant find Car in GTA3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by OTE, Nov 25, 2002.

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    I have GTA3 on the PC and am playing it for the second time, however the first time i played i missed out a lot of 'extra' missions. After having major probs with my hard drive - i had to get a new - i lost the game i had. Anyway going through the game again, im on the third island and am trying to complete the 'garage' thing where u have to deliver certain cars, however i cant find the BF Injection anywhere and its the last car - well buggy really - left that i need to get.


  2. avsdotcom

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    You get it from the park in the 1st island where the Diablos hang about (turn right from hideout, right again and its on front of you if I remember correctly) - the one where u drop misty (think thats her name) early on in the game.
    It only appears during certain hours - after 6pm I think.
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    hmmmmm thats what i found out on the net, around midnight its supposed tobe there, got there at 1am and it wasnt there ill have to try again.

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    you can skip this mission by killing him ( I forgot his name, Asuka's brother) go to D ( dan?) he will ask you to kill him by the colombians' car.
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    It appears in the Hepburn Heights Park between the hours of 1900-400. One thing that I found is that you need to be on the 1st island when the clock goes to 1900, but you don't want to be near thepark. I suggest hanging out near the docks and waiting for the right time, then going to the park. another thing is that it doe not seem to appear every day, you may have to try a couple of times.
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    yyeah, thats true rettahc