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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, Jul 8, 2002.

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    ok i just installed new drivers for my via chipset for the IDE controlers so that i can use my DMA functions, now it installed just fine and i can change my dvd and cdrw to the dma but my main to HDD's wont change, i will set them to change and it asks me to restart but when i do it has not changed, and before where in the divice manager u could change it there, it is not there any more, only the program that came with the VIA chipset drivers, any help would be nice.

    p.s. i just checked one thing and it says that they are a scsi device for both of them, i am not sure but i am pretty sure that they are not scsi because i dont have the card to do that. question: could i uninstall the HDD's and restart and still have all of my data?
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    You don't say what kit you have. What's the motherboard and drives?

    Support defaults to the slowest device connected to each channel, have you mixed devices connected to each IDE cable?

    Try removing the Via drivers and let XP manage the devices.