cant burn cd´s with xps cd burner

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ludlo, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. ludlo

    ludlo OSNN Addict

    i cant burn cds with the drag ´n drop function in explorer. it says that "no cd is in the drive". anyone know something i dont?

  2. cyberphox

    cyberphox Guest

    make sure your recording speed is not set higher then what your media is rated for
  3. ludlo

    ludlo OSNN Addict

    Still not working...
  4. Ewen

    Ewen Guest

    Click on "My Computer" to open it

    Right click on the CD burner drive and select Properties

    Go to the "Recording" tab

    Make sure the "Enable CD Recording on this drive" box is checked

    This may be your problem and I hope it works... post back,

  5. ludlo

    ludlo OSNN Addict

    it was checked...
  6. Black_Pride

    Black_Pride OSNN Addict

    I got the same problem. It hasn't worked for months and months. I think maybe one of the patches for easy cd creator screwed it up? I have reinstalled XP and done sfc /scannow
    and it still does not work.

    Any clues?
  7. ludlo

    ludlo OSNN Addict

    no but maybe it was the patch from windows update that screwed it up. it was working before i installed the patch but since i installed it i havent burned a cd with xps burner...maybe that patch turned all things backwards. if xps burner didnt work it made it working and if it was good, it made it faily...?
  8. Ewen

    Ewen Guest

    This one has me baffled... I don't suppose you have a Restore point you can use?
  9. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    Ooo ooo ooo! Let me try...

    Eh-hem; I get the same darn prompt about 60% of the time. All I do to remedy this is eject CD drawer and then send it right back in immediately (Without clicking anything on screen). Once the same blank CD goes back in, I wait for it to spin up, and Explorer (or whatever it is) basically says "Ok, there it is, thanks." and my burning process moves forward on it's own. It's almost like if you put your blank disc in, then start the burning "software" process thingy, it doesn't always see the disc, but if you start dragging and dropping and even select "Copy these files to a blank disc" before you even put the darn disc in, it will work perfectly once you do.

    I hope I made sense, because I never do.
  10. Ewen

    Ewen Guest

    If you are using Nero you can use the 'Drive Speed' checker to see what your drive speeds' spin up and spin down times are and you can also adjust it from here. Another tool provided is 'CD Speed' which will tell you what speed your burner and CDrom drives are operating at and as before you can adjust the speed from here. Both of these tools operate independently of Nero and and they are available free from

    There is also a good online explanation of what each tool does... give it a go!