cannot see windows xp computer in my network neighbourhood in windows 95

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bbbboy22, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. bbbboy22

    bbbboy22 Guest

    i was just wondering what is wrong with my computer
    i networked the windows xp computer and teh windows 95 computer together with a linksys router
    and now i can only see the windows 95 computer
    in windows xp
    but i cannot see the windows xp computer in windows 95 for network neighbourhood.
    thanx in advance for all ya help
  2. clutch

    clutch Guest

    Do they both use TCP/IP with NetBIOS over TCP/IP manually enabled? Are you using static IPs? Do you have any other protocols on them?
  3. bbbboy22

    bbbboy22 Guest

    all i know is that both of them both use tcp/ip something like that
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Have you turned off the XP firewall and created a share on the XP machine?
  5. bbbboy22

    bbbboy22 Guest

    sorry altecstar but i dunt get what u mean about the windows 95 user
    hmm all i know is that
    they have the same workgroup
    and they both use tcp ip
    when i go on windows xp
    i can see the windows 95 computer there
    and i tried sharing some files from windows 95
    and then it appeared for windows xp too
    when i am on windows 95
    and i click on the network neighbourhood
    i think i get this mesg saying i cannot assess it
    and i checked that i turned off the firewall stuff for windows xp
  6. bbbboy22

    bbbboy22 Guest

    yeah i already joined the workgroup
    both computers have teh same workgroup