Cannot read HDD after XP failed install.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by downunderground, May 19, 2003.

  1. I reformatted a hard drive and began to install XP. The CD was scratched up and the installation only got half way through before I had to cancel. Now my computer doesnt let me get into the hdd to reformat it again. I tried wiring it up to another computer as the slave but it pauses during boot and the hdd activity light remains on. I am thinking that the data on the hdd is all corrupted. It still recognises the drive in BIOS Setup though. I can't boot from a disk or cd to begin a new installation of Windows as the HDD light stays on and the computer freezes after it reads the boot cd/disk.

    Can anyone help ?

    Is there a special way to wipe hard drives clean so I can use it again ?
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    maxtor has Powermax, a utility you can use to diagnose and totally wipe your hd.
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    check the Hard drive manufacturers website, they often have tools for drive format and setup
    if you use that to format to FAT32, then you should be able to run the XP Installer and reformat the drive to NTFS
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    use the 98 boot disk to repartion and reformat