Cannot instaill XP - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RedCap, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. RedCap

    RedCap Guest

    Ok, I had Windows XP installed on my fathers computer using 2 partitions. 98 on c: and xp on d:.

    Then we started getting errors on xp (cannot remember exactly which one) but I do recall it said something about dumpfiles.

    XP would crash every minute or so after this. But booting into 98 worked perfectly.

    After deleting both partitions and formatting I can no long install XP (I think this also was a dumpfile error) It starts the installation then gives an error. But yet again 98 installed flawless and works perfectly. Can anyone explain why this would happen? How can I fix it? Only thing I can think of is something to do with cache. Do I need to clear it? if so... how?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Start from the beginning & explain what steps you are taking to install xp. On a fresh partition there should be no problems.
  3. RedCap

    RedCap Guest


    I formatted,

    booted from cd,

    started installation (tried ntfs first then fat32)

    After the setup files were all copied and the setup screen loaded (where it shows the progress of the setup/info about windpows xp) it gave me the error.

    I beleive the error had to do with a dumpfile.

    This system is more than equiped to run the operating system. Which is why I really can't understand why it would work once then after a format not work a second time.

    Aslo confuses me why win98 install perfectly.
  4. Octopus

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    I don't know but I think you must not make your XP to NTFS with Fat32..both must be fat32..
    install 98 first.
  5. snaarplukker

    snaarplukker Guest

    Thats right, if you want to run a dual boot with 98 & XP it has to be Fat32 (limit of 98)....
    You proberly have to install 98 first and then Xp in another part.
  6. RedCap

    RedCap Guest

    I do not want 98 on the system nor am I attempting to add it at the same time as xp. After the xp error I could not just leave the machine without an os so I converted back from ntfs to fat32 to install 98 until I can solve this problem.
  7. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    You might have to post your system specs as there should be no reason for the trouble you are having unless something is not compatable with xp.
  8. RedCap

    RedCap Guest

    As I already stated the machine is more than equiped to handel the O/s and all hardware is compatible. In fact like I said the O/S was installed until the error. Please people, No more irritating post pumps. read the thread before responding.
  9. Supplicium

    Supplicium Guest

    turn on your computer
    insert xp disc
    restart compter
    when it it gets to a screen that asks where do u want to install xp to
    delete all partions
    choose install on c drive
    choose ntfs fast
    your set
    remenber to back up files
  10. Shamus MacNoob

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    No more irritating post pumps

    No more irritating post pumps

    my baddddd!!!!!!!!

    guess we need a time out eh kids !!!!!!!!

    play nice dont post silly responses without reading the post!! I would never do that never I say !!!!!!:p
  11. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    Try installing using the XP floppy's (6). This will load all the files necessary to run the XP CD. This method was designed for people that cannot boot from the CD, but I have used it successfully in situations like yours.
  12. ModestCargo

    ModestCargo Guest

    Just gotta correct you guys about the file systems. If you install Win 98 first on C: and then Win XP later on the D: like I have, you can have the Win XP partition running under NTFS. The only problem this might cause is that you can access the C: from Win XP, but you cannot access the D: from Win 98, due to the fact that Win 98 doesn't support NTFS.
  13. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    I've been going over what ModestCargo said and in my opinion I would not do it. Regardless of which drive is XP or W98, if XP is NTFS, the Windows 98 drive cannot "see" it. So every time you boot your drive will change letters. This gets complicated with shortcuts to other drives (CDR's etc).

    If you want to run W98 and XP, make them both FAT32.

    Personally, I would not run W98. I run a bunch of drives On "C" I run XP, on "D" I run W2000 both NTFS. My "E" drive is merely formatted FAT32 with no operating system. Here is where I put my daughter's games. I install them from XP onto "E" and run them from XP.
  14. Henyman

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    read what he/she said. they only wan't 2 install xp,not 98 + there havin probs.
  15. ModestCargo

    ModestCargo Guest

    Yeah, I realized my problem after using it like that for a while. I now only use XP, because now there is no reason for me to run 98 also. Anyway, I only said it was possible, not that you should do it.
  16. Petros

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    Ok...I've seen lots of people have this problem. I've been able to install XP every time with no errors thusly:

    Install it to a partition of less than 2 GB, then change it later with a program like Partition Magic. While you're at it, you might as well do a full NTFS format. The drive is pretty small anyway.

    Weird, but it works. Hopefully for anyone else who has had this problem, it will help. Let me know you're results.
  17. NetRyder

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  18. Corvette

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    And another thing, When dual-booting XP and ME/98/95 you have to install the dos based OS first (95/98/ME) because the setup program may overwrite the boot sector for XP.