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    does anyone know of any good canadian computer parts sals sites, i need to get parts and i dont really want to pay amercian becasue at the moment my country is poor and it is expencive
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    Turtle Island
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    ncix is my fav...but i live locally and i pick up from their shop to save the $10 shipping for most items.

    also check out:

    if you live in the vancouver/richmond region i can tell you some sites with lower prices, but you'll have to go there to pick your stuff up.
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    If you happen to live in the North York area in Toronto, I would suggest the following places: (Pacific Mall, Kennedy and Steels) (Pacific Mall, Kennedy and Steels, also other locations...) (Around Jane St and Dundas/DOWNTOWN) (Around Sheppard and Willowdale)

    I would suggest going to Pacific Mall if you live close to it since it has like 6 PC stores, only 2 of them I have sites (at least that I know of, I could be wrong...) I know some of these where already named, but I just added some locations to them. Hope this helps.
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    he he canada...
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    any around Vancouver bc???
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