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Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by Comptech, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Comptech

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    I have these parts on the way for my new build, time to give my son the old P4 3gig machine.
    Abit AW8D motherbord
    Pentium D 960
    2x 1Gig OCZ DDR2 PC800
    2 Raptor 74 gig HD's in raid 0
    1 Maxtor 300 gig sata [for backup]
    Plextor 18x sata dvd burner
    Ati X1900xt 512 meg video card
    Antec true power 500 watt PS
    I am going to try the onboard sound for the time being, may have to go to
    a card though if it does not cut it.
  2. ShepsCrook

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    Well, I would have posted this asking for suggestions before saying you've already ordered the parts. But hey, whatever works. I wouldn't go with the onboard sound since you have a nice powerful machine anyway, may as well add some good sound for playing games.

    What I would have done instead:
    Conroe Intel processor (If not, yours is good)
    2x Raptor 74GB 16mb cache since they are the same as the new 150GB models.
    A Seagate Backup drive, but it's all personal preference on those drives.
    Forget the Plextor SATA drives, they are not worth it. A Good BenQ or NEC drive would have given you the same results and not cost you so much.
    The X1900XT is a great choice, good card, lots of power, and overclocks to XTX speeds easily.
    The Antec True Power is a nice choice.