Can you run an XP 1700 CPU on a 200mhz FSB?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by joshuajme, Apr 23, 2003.

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    I know it will run slower but I just thought I'd double check. Because if you put FSB wrong in a 266FSB Mobo it just shows the slower speed. So surely the cpu will just run slower. I'm just building a crappy lil pc out of spare bits (can u tell :D ) to play videos for my daughter. The chipset is even worse, dirty Sis crap. Somebody agree and I'll stick it together now. Cheers guys.
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    yeh quite often when i inspect the new builds the 200fsb jumper has been left on. sometimes it can cause blue screens, not often.
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    did that once to a friend's comp to se if a "low heat/noise" setup would be a good option. like, if he didn't plan on playing games, he could boot up and change the fsb to 200mhz and disable a couple fans via an external witch, and be in "quiet" mode. but i believe i encountered some problems with this. i don't remember what, exactly. i think windows was either unstable or wouldn't even load. :huh:

    worth a try, though.
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    josh what u need to do to get things real fast is get some tin foil and put it over the top of the mother board i heard this works great then cover up all air vents with marmalade or jam marmalade works better tho then after its secure strap some c4 to the out side that should fix it :p
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    That's necessary :p