Can you put CDROMs on Promise controllers?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by adamg, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. adamg

    adamg Guest

    I have an onboard Promise 20276 ATA133/RAID controller on my mobo. Is this only for HDDs or can I put my DVD-ROM on it?
  2. Petros

    Petros Thief IV

    Pacific Northwest
    Hmm...I dunno. Shouldn't hurt to try. I have a Promise PCI controller that I run CD-ROMS on.
  3. Admiral Michael

    Admiral Michael Michaelsoft Systems CEO Folding Team

    I have an add on PCI promise controller. When I put cdroms on it, I have problems. Even with a zip drive on it it still messes up. I would suggest you try it first and see.
  4. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    No problems at all. It should work with any ATA devices. I have a Promise HDD controller (non-RAID, though: Ultra133 TX2) and I've got a DVD-RW and a HDD connected to it. Before I bought that DVD-RW, there was a DVD-ROM instead. :p

    Shouldn't hurt to try. :)
  5. Admiral Michael

    Admiral Michael Michaelsoft Systems CEO Folding Team

    I think since you have a HDD on it ur ok, I just strictly had a cdrom, cdrw and a dvdrom.
  6. mokuni

    mokuni Guest

    i got promise raid and i got my dvd and cdrom on it. no problems.
  7. RogerPhillis

    RogerPhillis Guest

    This controller does not read / initialise all ATA 33 hardware correctly, although is usually OK on ATA 100 etc hard drives........ depends on the make, as other people have said.
    You pay your money and you take your chance.
  8. adamg

    adamg Guest

    I tried and it worked. Thanks for all the advice. It may have worked because the DVD is a UDMA mode 4 (66) device.
  9. Skwowwy

    Skwowwy Guest

    I never knew CD/DVD drives could go up to UDMA4. o_O So far all of my CD and DVD drives have a maximum of UDMA2 on the controller. *_*

    What's up with that? I'd really like to know if my DVD-RW supports UDMA4, which should improve burning/reading greatly.
  10. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    my 16x pioneer dvdrom is udma 4, but only some dvdroms are. i haven't seen any cdroms or cdrw's that were anything but udma 2. dvdrw's, on the other hand... i imagine some would be udma 2 and some 4, just like dvdroms since they're max throughput isn't going to be any higher (16x is the fastest right now, right?). udma 2 can handle burning dvd's at 4x or even 8x just fine.