Can you help with my coursework????

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by OTE, Dec 17, 2002.

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    I am currently taking Information technology at A2 level (old A level). For the second peice of coursework we have to produce a report on I.T. within an Industry. The idea of the coursework is to look at the social, moral, eithcal and legal ares of IT within your chosen area. The project needs to be broard.

    The area I have chosen to do 'I.T. and Entertainment', incorporating Computer Gaming, Film and Music Industry.

    Gaming stuff is easy to find out about, its just the Film and music industry that I need help finding info on. If anyone has links to any relevant sites or other info it would be much appretiated. My eamil address is if anyone wants to contact me that way.


  2. funky dredd

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    try Star Wars it was made digitally so they might have a reference of how they did it with computers.
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    Akira. It is a anime movie, and just was released Digitally Remastered. You can tell how that process works,etc.