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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by XpGuy1, Oct 15, 2002.

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    I have a hp pavillion with a celleron chip 760mhz 30gig hd and 190megs of ram.
    I want to get a new video card. What drawbacks are there to buying a not so new (not the current tops on the market) card? I'm on a tight buget and can't spend to much can some of you recomend a good in expensive card that offers 2 and 3d ? so that i can play games like medal of honor etc.....

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    Well it just so happens I have a Leadtek Geforce2 Pro 64mb AGP(x4) card up for grabs, if your interested let me know m8.
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    old video cards should not have any issues...

    practically all video cards have decent enough 2d.. its the 3d where the extra memory and clock speeds come into play..

    depending on what you want... you can get a very good card for under 100 USD, around 80 even... and it will play well enough..

    somoene may want to move this post to another area... perhaps hardware?