can one do gaming on Win Server 2003?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SaintKaden, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    I mostly play Counter Strike, UT2003 and such....

    and uhm... what are some of the downsides of Server 2003?
  2. cpugeniusmv

    cpugeniusmv Computer Genius

    485's a server...not meant for use by the end user...

    i guess it plays games, but why not use XP?
  3. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    I used server and I noticed it was a bit more stable and faster...
  4. Hematic

    Hematic Guest

    I doubt its faster....W2k3 Server, i assume acts like every other server OS ever made and runs a bunch of processes and services you dont need that will slow you down. Servers are resource hogs. I would bet you could run much faster on xp.
  5. NetRyder

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    Bad idea gaming on Win2k3 server. The only reason why it appears to run faster than XP is because most of the services not essential to the functioning of the server are disabled. However, most of these services would be required for gaming anyways, which would effectively slow down the system anyways. For example, AFAIK, Server 2003 disables the Windows Audio Service (which is responsible for playing all your sounds). Also, DirectX is not installed by default, which is pretty much a necessity if you're planning to use it for gaming.
    Besides, Win2k3 costs a LOT more than XP does, and any trial versions that you get will expire after 180 days.

    Bottom line: Use XP. It's designed to be a home-user OS. If you really want to free up memory etc, you could check out BlackViper's guide on disabling uneccessary services. Be careful with that though. You don't want to disable anything you need. :)

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  6. qallaf

    qallaf Guest

    my friends using Win2k3 server for Counter-Stike v1.6 dservers they said to me its cool and stable
  7. Un4gIvEn1

    Un4gIvEn1 Moderator

    Windows XP is "cool and stable"

    I don't know why people insist on running Windows Server 2003 as a workstation. Get a life!
  8. qallaf

    qallaf Guest

    naaah XP is stable, but i recomment 2003 for its Remote Dsktop program its better than what inuse in xp
  9. Un4gIvEn1

    Un4gIvEn1 Moderator

    You mean Terminal Services? If you configure XP properly you can just about accomplish the same thing. Remote Desktop in XP is just a slimed down version of Terminal Services. It's even listed as Terminal Services in the registry and in Group Policies.
  10. Bronx Bomber

    Bronx Bomber Guest

    if you wanna make a 1.6 server, stick with Linux.
    if you wanna just play 1.6 at home, stick with WinXP.
  11. grimman

    grimman Guest

    win2k3 all the way, baby.
  12. lieb39

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    Here is all the infomation you will ever need.

  13. qallaf

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    "Bronx Bomber" i agree with u

    "lieb39" i got much information about win2003