Can my PC run Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Cannibal Corpse, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. PIII-850MHz
    1GHz PC-133MHz SDRAM
    Hercules Prophet 3D II Ultra (GeForce2 Ultra 64MB)
    Abit BX6 2.01 MoBo (Don't laugh :))

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    Should run faily well. Asbestos map might give you a few problens but it's nothing that cant be fixed with a little playing around with the graphic settings and details. Besides just download that bad boy and see ya in a server.
  3. Krux

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    yah it will run around 25 to 30 fps friend of mine has almost same specs as you, and thats on "medium" detail
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    It should run just fine.... it needs a good grphic card and you have on.
  5. Thanks for the responses.

    This game runs SILKY SMOOTH on my PC. At first I could not believe my eyes!

    I even cranked up the resolution to 1024x764 and MAX everything, still the game runs just as fast.

    Quesion for you:

    What is the console command to check your dynamic FPS (like in QIII Arena)

    Thanks in advance!
  6. Dear All,
    I have a Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra (GeForce 2, 64MB) and here are my PC Specs:

    1GHz PC-133MHz SDRAM
    Hercules Prophet 3D II Ultra (GeForce2 Ultra 64MB)
    Abit BX6 2.01 MoBo (Don't laugh:))

    The game runs SILKY smooth. The reason I ask if I sould get a GeForce 3 (and not GeForce 4) is that since I am using the nVIDIA Refresh Rate for Win2K/XP (that lets you adjust the fresh rate of you monitor), non of GeForce 4's current drivers would work with this littel application. (hence my tendency to get GeForce 3 that is one step BEYOND my current video card).
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    don't get a g3.... get a g4 or higher if you really want to... money better spent... money wise it is close in price... the ti series I mean
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    There are other refresh rate fix programs that work in xp and using the latest dets ie .refreshforce
    nvrefresh tool ver 2.00
    personally I would get a geforce4 ti over a geforce3 not much difference in cost but plenty better graphics..
  9. Could you please post a link to that Refresh Rate adjustment software that you mentioned?
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    also make sure you have monitor drivers installed
    this works with all the latest standard dets not modified drivers
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    to see your fps in ut2k3 just press tab to go to the console and then type "stat fps" without quotes.
    great game, pity i can't play online with my 56k connection :(
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    Yey.. just got UT2003 demo, ran it @1024, full graphics.. and it plays sweet, no jerkiness at-all :D :D
  14. Thanks for all the responses. I indeed have a GeForce 2 Ultra 64MB Video Card (Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra brand).

    I saw a good bargain in a local BEST BUY:

    It is a 'PNY VERTO 4200' GF4 for $129

    I REALLY can not afford a new MoBo/DDR RAM, and even though I know that my CPU is the bottleneck, would I still be getting faster FPS in a game like UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003? (I get 30 FPS running 1024x768x32bit @85Hz Monitor Refresh Rate)

    Also is it true that a 64MB GF4 card with faster memory, can outperform an equevalant 128MB version with slower memory? (as it is printed on the 'PNY VERTO 4200' GF4 box)

    Oh, what about the POWER SUPPLY? I have a 250W. Can my system handle Ti4200 GF4?
  15. Hi all,

    I finally went out and bought a PNY G4 4200 64MB (for $129, plus $30 Mail in Rebate, so in a sense it is $99)

    I installed the lastest CERTIFIED nVIDIA drivers, and so far I have not seen any damage to my system.

    No game lock-ups either (when I had the VisionTek Ti4600, it would freeze Warcraft IIII on me)

    In Unreal Turnament 2003 Demo, I have gained 15FPS and it shows. Even WCIII is a bit faster.

    What should I do:

    With this pirce ($99) and my system (old 440BX MoBo) can I keep it?

    Or will it eventually burn my system?

    Thanks again!

    My System:
    1GB PC-133 SDRAM
    GeForce2 Ultra 64MB (replaced with this GeForce4 card!)
    'old' Abit BX6 Rev 2.01 MoBo (440BX Chipset)
    Windows XP Pro

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