Can I shoot my computer??? Is that OK??

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by pjchappy, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. pjchappy

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    After MANY problems, I did a clean install of XP Pro.

    After the initial set-up and installation of my wireless card's software, things seemed ok. (Linksys Wireless--I have a DSL modem)

    First problem--my wireless card randomly loses connection (NEVER has done that before)

    Hotmail account loaded PERFECTLY and QUICKLY after the initial install earlier today. However, after I have downloaded all Window updates, it now loads up like it did before (which means that it doesn't load up all the way and connects slowly)


    I am truly lost. . .and truly frustrated!

    thanks again!

  2. toxicity

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    Shoot your computer? go for it. no one stoping you

    as for your problem. it could be the card itself. or you can try calling your isp and ask them about it
  3. Sazar

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    I have a wireless setup @ my place as well.. 2 computers sharing... all wireless using d-link (has a higher transfer rate than other 2.4ghz wireless solutions)

    my house-mate had a few problems with losing connection but it was fixed by reinstalling all relevant software for the router and network card...

    one thing that might be slowing the connection down is interference... either due to range or due to another device occupying the same frequency... when I use my cordless phone in my room... I get very clear static in the background due to the frequencies... both operate @ 2.4ghz... but there is no loss in performance for my NIC...

    I would highly recommend you check the signal strengths and also reload the software and make sure there is not too much interference between the wireless points... ie NIC to router...
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    Your only allowed to shoot your computer if you video tape it and share it with us.

    It sounds like one of the windows updates is screwing up your system, I had a similar problem when I used the windows update driver for my d-link wireless card. After installing that driver my system took an extra 1-2 minutes to boot up.
  5. RazerBack

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    If you shoot your case do it carefully.

    I remember reading somewhere, think it was shacknew.
    But anyways, he took his computer case outside behind his garage. Thought that he needed some ventilation in the case, so why not bullet holes. After a couple shoots, he finally hit the propane tank or something like that in the garage. The rest is history.
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    I don't recommend shooting the computer. Sometimes the ricochet will kill you. I use an axe. More satisfying, and yes I video taped it.

    I've had problems with window updates too. Avoid going from a basic windows install to SP1 in one swell foop. You bypass a lot of hardware driver updates that way. I install windows then do all the driver/chipset/etc updates. Then install all the critical stuff up to SP1 . Then I bite the SP1 bullet.

    I have one computer that won't run if I try and take the whole leap from CD install to SP1.

    Good luck.
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    I remember reading about a company admin whose network printers would all print out vast numbers of blank pages always around the same time of day. He later found that the cause of this was that the barrier to the multi-storey carpark at his company operated at around 2.4 GHz so when everybody was leaving to go home and the barrier was opening and closing all of the printers would print out a page. This was all due to the printers and everything else being on a wireless network.
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    First time I Read This I Thought It said Can I Shoot On my Computer:D YUCK

    well If you shoot your computer first take out the Hard Disk open it up and turn it on and video tape it send it to me cuz ive never seen a hard disk on opened b4

    My Weapon of choice:- a 12 gauge:D