can I reinstall direct X?

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  1. I am missing a file (dmusic.dll) according to the direct x diagnostic tool and I am trying to find out how to reinstall direct x, on the direct x website they have versions for other OS's but not XP, and all I gather is that it comes with it automatically but that doesnt help me, I have a missing file and I dont want to reformat just for that. I dont even know if copying it from another machine would work, can anyone help? BTW I tried the windows 2000 files but they didnt work. Thanks.
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    missing direct x file

    You can simplely go to the windows update site(IN THE TOOLS MENU AT TOP OF PAGE IN INTERNET EXPLOYER) then once in the update page got to the all downloads tab at top of page and this will take you to all MSN downloads(usually the first window to open has "this weeks top 10 downloads" this might have DIRECT X 8.1 in it if not just keep clicking NEXT till you see the correct page(all in alphabetical order).