Can i overclock my interl p3-1.0GHZ ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kdisc98, Oct 22, 2002.

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    first how?
    what do i need?!
    OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 Build 2600
    Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~999 Mhz
    BIOS Version/Date Award Software, Inc. ASUS CUV4X-E ACPI BIOS Revision 1005 Beta 005, 9/5/2002
    Total Physical Memory 256.00 MB (SDRAM)
    ASUS Name NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200

    Here is some info ^^^^^^^^^^

    Please i want to do it...and anyone know to what speed will i be able to get?!

    Thanks in advance
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    San Diego, California
    let me guess is it a laptop?
  3. kdisc98

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    no,why did u think?!
    did u saw my computer spec?! :p
  4. kdisc98

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    look what i found out in the asus pc probe,but how i can get even near to this speed (1200mhz) ...PLZ HELP :)

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    Arggh, turn your popup blockers on :D
    Your multiplier is probably 7.5 ie 7.5x133 = 1000mhz
    What you want to try and do is crank up the fsb as high as it will go. You probably won't get to 1200mhz (7.5x160). Just up the front side bus in your bios by as small increments as you can.
    To overclock that far, you need really good cooling, and really good components to handle the extra heat generated. Just be careful, and have fun.
  6. kdisc98

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    thanks on the help&advice....But, how di i do it ( i got a program that call cpufsb - is it good?! for this)..

    Aynone is willing to start and explain to me how i can start and do it,and plz , try to be understading as u can ...

    Thank's u!


    How do i found out my pll??!!!

    i can't find in on my m/b
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    ok dude here we go. Before you even look into that bad boy take all your warranties and rip them up. Done. Ok open the side of your computer and peer inside that bad boy. Wheres the cpu/fan. Is it accessable? Does it look like theres enough room for a larger heatsink (space around the cpu and fan with nothing in the way)
    if its in a good spot (not diectly underneith your powersupply with no room to go up) and away from everything with lots of room your gonna need better cooling. Thats just the fact of it all. your on a socket 370 so you could use any volcano/thermaltake fan or any other you may find. The bigger the fan and cooling block usually the better. Go for a volcano 7+ if you can. It may cost a little money but its necessary. pop the old fan off with your fingers/screwdriver/anything else that might work and clean off the top of your cpu. If there is thermal tape on the bottom of your new cpu cooler then dont worry about thermal compound just be careful its only good once. Put your cpu cool on you cpu carfully and clip it down. Be very careful to get it on the right way and clipped down securly. Now look at all the components of your computer. What is the video card (this is very important) A bad video card could limit your overclocking alot (my parents tnt 2 pro limits there overclocking alot) and what type of memory do you have. Can it handle the fsb increase (when you increase your cpu clock usually you increase you memory clock to) If you dont know go to the computer store and ask for some memory that is overclockable (try you momory first dont worry it wont explode or get ruined if it cant handle it). Now does you case have any fans. If it doesnt it will need some. It should have some anyways whether or not you overclock. Once you have all this taken care of let me know and ill take you step by step threw the bios.
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    THANK U!
    nice things u said! :p
    now can u please continue to the bios section

    i checked my cooling system with "TOAST"
    and it's even didnt pass the 60'c.. --> so it's good , i think(i hope).
    i got Asus v8200 t200 delauxe (It's good)
    and 256Sdram ..

    here some info for u-->


    and here some more:


    hope it will HELP u to HELP me,thanks agian :)
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    Kdisc98, I have the same CPU as you, on an Intel i815 motherboard, with 512mb Crucial PC-133 SDRAM.(cas2)

    I have been able to sucessfully overclock my FSB(frontsidebus) from 133 to 148, giving 1110Mhz, unfortunately I have a USB addin card on the PCI bus, and that doesnt like higher speeds :-(

    temp wise it runs on avaerage at 36c. still well cool enough, (but do have 4 case fans ;-)

    Just try upping the FSB on your motherboard in 1Mhz steps to be safe.
  10. kdisc98

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    How did u change u FSB from 133 to 148 ,with what software , or hardware.please let me know.....

  11. jumpy

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    Kdisc, if you want to use cpuFSB to overclock your cpu, there is tips to finding out your pll on their website

    60C is getting a bit hot, especially for a p3. Although nothing to compare my celery runs at 39C full load and 30C idle. Take a look on the intel website for thermal specs for the p3.
    If you want to buy some good ram, make sure you get ram rated up to 150Mhz, that way you can up your fsb without ram being a factor.

    I think it's best to scrape the thermal tape crap off the bottom of the HSF and get some Arctic Silver3, that way you have the best heat transfer to your heatsink.

    kdisc, your motherboard has to support fsb speeds over 133, if it does, they will be fsb options in the bios. The fsb that your motherboard supports depends on the clock generator it uses. So if you correctly identify your pll on your mobo, and run software such as cpuFSB it will tell you how far your mobo can go. I think....... :D

    Good luck :cool:
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    60c is way too hot for a pentium 3. since they are designed to run cooler than an athlon. You will need new cooling. the faster this machine will run the hotter it will get and its already too hot. And you will need case fans. ... hmm wow.... according to the manual (yeah i acctually took the time to get the manual and read it) this things pretty loaded for a socket 370 mobo. ok theres two ways to overclock this motherboard. Its got dip switches and jen (jumperless emulation) if i were you id use jumperless emulation to do this locate your dipswitches ( on this board right above the ide ports) set these all to off (down towards the floor or botton of the computer. now there is a jumper labled jen towards the botton of the motherboard right next to the hardware monitor chip. you need to set this to on (if the motherboard is labled set it to 2,3 if its not put hte jumper on the two pins towards the front of the computer it should be a trhee pin jumper 1,2 is off 2,3 is on. now there is a jumper towards the very top of your computer labled vio, this is the voltage jumper. 1,2 is normal 2,3 is 3.6, you will need to set this to 3.6 to get better overclocking performance(the manual even said that lol) set it the same way as the jen jumper 2.3 or towards the front of the computer. now boot up the computer. if a screen comes up you did it right. to get into the bios at the very first screen press delete and a blue bios screen will show up (easiest way to do this if youve never done this is just keep pressing delete till a new screen comes up) when you get to this screen scroll down to advanced and hit enter. in this screen at the very top you will see cpu speed. hit + to turn this to manual. scroll down one more to cpu system fregeuncy multiple. it should say 7.5. now before we even mess with the fsb settings we'll see if this is a locked cpu so hit plus till its says 8.0. then hit escape and go to save settings and exit. the system will now reboot and show a new processor. if it doesnt reboot you will need to reset the bios. to do this theres a small battery on the motherboard with two small solder points just below it. unplug your coputer and pop this battery out. then short the two solderpoints with a metal object for a couple second.. put the battery back in plug the coputer back in and reset. reboot. If it does show a new cpu let the computer boot up fully to see if there are any problems if it boots up fully with no problems you just overclocked your computer with the mulitplier settings (cool huh) now go back into the bios (do this whether it works or not) and go back to advanced settings. go down to where it says system/pci fregency next to it it should say 133/33 or soemthing like it. press plus to make it say 134 or whatever the higher setting is. press escape and then go to save settings and exit and let the coputer boot up full once again to see if there anre any problems. the more you up this setting to a higher level the more overclocked the cpu is. it will come to a point where the computer will stop responding/fail to boot/ or give you error messages. this means you overclocked the cpu too much. turn it down by pressing the - key till the computer runs perfectly without error messages. finding the point of peak performance may take a while and a couple of reset bioses. just keep doing it till you are satisfied or the computer boots up fully try it out and enjoy. just remember a cooler computer is a better running computer and btw.. you need more memory
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    Jeez ace, you could of broken that into a couple of paragraphs for him, it's scary just looking at that post :D
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    lol sorry. i was just walking it threw him so he could get it right the first time and not go threw the angish of learni g to do it on my own like i did
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    Fair enough, everything you said needed to be told. But quote
    "i was just walking it threw him" - what have you been smokin :D
    "learni g"
    he he
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    im in a dark room tying on a black keyboard... go's together like beer and vodka
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    lmao, by the way, go with that modders dream case - not some other one. You've got the tools to mod, so don't get some pre-modded one. Good luck
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    we'll see what the votes say.. kdisk my explanation is on the first page.. its lengthy but should get you threw it