Can I have just ONE user profile?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by terrypin, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. terrypin

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    In System Properties/Advanced I see that I have these User Profiles:
    Name Size Type Status Modified
    Account Unknown 800 KB Local Local 24/02/2002
    TERRY\Administrator 871 KB Local Local 24/02/2002
    TERRY\Terry Pinnell 3.13 GB Local Local 254/02/2002

    It's just me using the system. And, FWIW, at boot up the login process
    is bypassed (I set that up somehow - bit vague now).

    So, do I need any more than *one* user profile? If so, which one? Can
    I just delete the other two? Or do I have to do anything special to
    preserve my Administrator status?

    I'm hoping I *can* simplify to one profile (= one account?). For one
    thing that will avoid thinking unnecessarily about 'multiple users',
    'permissions', etc. Life's complex enough. (Why couldn't MS have
    offered a 'Single User' switch?) But hopefully it will also clear up
    my Startup programs, which somehow have several duplicate entries
    under Startup (User) and Startup (Common). Despite several posts here
    and elsewhere I've never managed to understand that or fix it.

    Finally, very early in my XP life, I think I may have deleted one user
    profile. Is there anything obvious and/or significant missing from
    that list of 3 profiles please? I vaguely recall 'Default'...?

    Terry, West Sussex, UK
  2. jw50

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    Well you do only have one user account setup, the other is the Administrator account. The remnants of the deleted user account may be the result of not properly deleting that account. I'm not sure how you would totally delete that account but if it is not causing any problems I would just leave it alone. You need to keep the Administrator account and your user account.