Can I do this with Kazaa and my modem?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoey, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. zoey

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    I've been on my laptop for the last 5 mos. I've d\loaded a bunch of stuff on Kazaa. Right now i'm using my usb. Could I use a CAT5 cable and hook my modem to my desktop use a different kazaa user name on my desktop and share with it? Or can I just share from PC to PC using the modem as a router?

    Motorola Surfboard- USB and CAT5
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    umm you could do that but its the lazy way lol just like send files you want to yourself maybe IRC or a network would be better even icq you just send files you want im talking about ways ppl might know as to obvious ... if i were to do it id just setup mirc on the 2 and do a few dcc sends or weell what i do now is buyrn on to cdrws and just stick em from one machine to other since they are in dif houses lol
  3. zoey

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    I wish I could burn them, lap top doesn't have one, didn't want to get another one. oh well
  4. How about...

    Hey the easiest and probably the fastest way is through a network....that is if your connection is dialup. Or you can connect both of them through a serial or parallel port, if you dont want to mess with network cards.
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    Yeah, what Athalon said. I do it all the time between my notebook and desktop. I use a router, but you could use serial, parrallel or usb cable to do the transfer. if you use usb, it has to be a special one for computer connections, not a normal one.

    GraLk :D