Can I Change my file system without reinstalling winxp??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by geokas, Dec 23, 2001.

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    Hi and I'm sorry for my english!! I hope you'll understand them!!
    I installed my winXP at their begging and in the question "in which file system I want to be installed my new os" I definitely answered FAT32 because I didn't know which were the differencies between the 2 fs and I didn't want to have problems with my programs.
    Now, after reading your posts, I changed my mind and I want to change my file system without reformating and reinstalling all my programs (I have installed 10GB programs so far!!!!!).
    I know that my question is foolish but if there is a way of doing it I want to know it.

  2. Lonman

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    Yes, you can still convert. I understand it's not quite as good as a clean NTFS format, but you can still convert your drive(s) with the following command typed into Run or from a command window:

    Convert X: /FS:NTFS (X: being the drive/partition you want to convert)

    I'd suggest you do two things to learn about this conversion process. One, open up your help and support and do a search for "NTFS."

    Two, type in your run box "help convert" to give you a description of the switches used in the convert command.
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    A partition in ntfs...

    Is there a difference in speed or it does'nt really matter...

    Ntfs is better for file recovery right!?
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    NTFS is just a more secure file system. With NTFS, you can actually assign permissions through the file properties. Just remember if you do convert from Fat32 to NTFS, there is NO going back to fat32 without formating. Just something to consider, so ensure it is what you want to do before you convert it.
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    It may be possible to go back to Fat32 using a 3rd party utility like Partition Magic, although a NTFS to FAT32 conversion with PM7 may still screw up your hard drive anyway. It is not a foolproof transition