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    Hiya, I'm studying First Diploma BTEC media and I have used some amazing equipment. The cameras are excellent although I've forgotten the model names and stuff, but they were big and digital. It was also cool to use the Apple Mac and Firewire, incredibly fast.

    It's my brithday at the end of Feb and I was thinking of getting a new ADSL wireless router but I though I might as well get a camrecorder! Though my PC is pretty crap at the moment. And we don't have lots of money to spend.

    So I'm looking to buy a camrecorder that has a good ratio of price and performance. I assume that digital ones will be a hell of a lot deerer though I'm not bothered if they are anolgue because I don't have the right PC geer anyway.

    Most of the time I will make the videos via inputting the camrecorder to a VCR. Though I would like to make short DIVX movies now and then. My PC is (I know it's old!) a Pentium2 base though if I buy a TV Tuner capture card would it be capable of producing VERY short DIVX movies? If it can great.

    Thanks for all the info, Mark, remember all prices in £ please.