Calling all IRC junkies

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Phusion, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Phusion

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd pass this along. I work at and we've started up a IRC room. Feel free to drop on by and talk about WindowsXP, hardware, games.. anything really. We're on a small network so you don't have to worry about abuse from weirdos :) The admins are fun to be with and we have some good people there.. if you're interested please connect to one of these servers:

    The channel is #The-CAD
    Hope to see you there.
  2. max

    max Guest

    Thanks but we have our own :p


    channel = xperience

    Not that i ever get the chance to go there though my wife doesnt like me using the PC much

  3. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Might check it out sometime, always good to have as many contacts as you can, ask any lady of the night.
  4. pc_tek

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    wasnt impressed =)
  5. Phusion

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    Well that's why I'm plugging it here because, no you're not gunna be impressed, we need some people. Sorry it's so slim right now.. hang out.. idle for a while.. stuff will happen :)
  6. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Gimmie quakenet anyday!