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  1. KylieUk

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    Have built a new PC XP2000+, Asus A7v333 MB, 512Mb 333mhz memory and win xp.
    It works perfectly except for the joystick.

    I have tried 2 different sticks, both are recogised by the OS but when you try to calibrate them I get a message saying they are not connected right.
    Both Work OK on my existing XP PC.

    I put an old soundcard in the PC to check that the fault was not with the game port and the same fault occured on the 2nd port.

    I suspect a curupt file on Xp.

    Doea anyone have a soultion other than a reinstall?


  2. beatlesdb

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    Sorry - I have never Calibrated ram - not sure what you mean.
    does XP recognise the ammount of ram you have puit in?
  3. KylieUk

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    Calibrate the Joysticks

  4. beatlesdb

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    Dooope - sorry dude - I miss-read your problem, I had problems like that also - ended up having to wait for drivers.
    I also tried some older sticks and manually added their details (buttons/ axis) they seemed to work OK - but when I tried to calibrate them - they would stuff up as your has.
    I don't think it's a problem with your installation - try to track drivers - even if they are for NT4.
  5. KylieUk

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    I thought it was a driver problem also, however logitec have a dedicated XP driver which makes no differance, and the other is a Microsoft joystick which should have been supported under XP.

    The fact that both joysticks are detected and are reported as OK is what makes me think it may be a problem in the calibration routine