Cajun Logic

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    Boudreaux's wife told him last week, "We can't afford beer anymore and you will have to quit drinking."

    Then Boudreaux looked at her last month's credit card bill.

    $65.00 for make-up $150.00 for a color & cut

    $30.00 for a manicure

    $40.00 for a pedicure

    $50.00 for vitamins

    $300.00 for clothes

    $125.00 for a tanning salon

    And last but not least, $600.00 for a SPA membership.

    So Boudreaux asked her, "Why do I have to give up stuff and you don't?"

    She told him, "That's what I needed to look pretty for you."

    Then Boudreaux told her, "That's basically what the beer is for."

    I don't think she is coming back.
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