cadillac 16 (1930)

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  1. im sure you've all heard or read about the new (well not new it was from 2003) cadillac sixteen i thought that the v16 engine was something they just invented but it turns out they've tried it once before in 1930 or so
    i dont know if you guys already know about this but i thought it was pretty cool and just found out about it
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    They did build some massive engines for the luxury cars back in the days. :)
  3. Err, do you mean the Bugatti Veyron, with the W16, 8 litre, 64 valve, 4 turbo, 4 camshot beast of an engine? The fastest production car ever to be made - faster than the McLaren F1.
    My dream car :)

    And they are making 300 of them, costing $1.3 million each?