"Cable pirates splice into broadband" - huh?

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  1. Read that whole article on ZDnet, specifically the part on exactly "how" the hackers get the TV signal.

    It keeps saying that the hackers split the "cable line" as if there is a seperate coaxial cable coming into your house just for internet. It's not that way where I live - tv broadcast, internet, and digital TV can all come in on the same coax. And I have even gone outside to where the cable is wired into the house (the first splitter) and I don't see any of these magical "filter" things that the article speaks of. I guess my cable company is more secure.
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    The article is poorly written. your cable company is the same as the rest all they do is splice the cable coming into the house using a normal 1-2 splitter like any normal person would do if they needed to split to another tv, computer etc

    The point is this...all you get is basic cable anyway which most people getting cable internet wouldn't be satisfied with. you still need a illegal converter to get more channels...

    all it is, is that since you have a cable modem it makes it harder for the company to tell if the signal drain on your line is from the modem or you getting illegal cable so it just makes their job harder.