Cable modem nightmare!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mellie, Oct 7, 2002.

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    Use XP Pro and connect via a Terrayon TJ210 to Internet. Every time I attempt a download from a P2P site I get maybe 2-5 mins into download and then get disconnected. Tried to update drivers for modem using 17014usbdrivers from Terryon site, however they will not allow me to connect at all. Have to resort to old Turbonet drivers 30/10/2000 ( Really have no place else to turn. Appreciate a bit of steerage on this one.
  2. could be your isp blocking them. i dont know for sure though some do that now. are you using a router or firewall?
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    Norton Personal Firewall is configured to receive KAZAA or IMesh downloads so I don't think its that. Other mates use the same ISP and report no problem's with broadband.
  4. umm i dont really know anything else u could check. maybe if it's on usb u say, try switching to different usb port? or wait for someone else know might know what can be done