cable internet slower?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by oO ShifterZ Oo, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. i have cable internet connection, and when the first day i used it it was blazing fast, i guess cuz i was used to 56k, but now its not that fast anymore, it still downloads blabal surfs but i dont know it somethin that is kinda slow about it. ie MY GAMING. i dunno i get pings higher then i did b4
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    oO ShifterZ Oo,

    Go to and get TCP/IP Optimizer. Pretty close to the top of the page. Great tweak util. for broadband....
  3. i got the tcp/ip optimzer, and but i dont think cable in my area is popular? i THINK
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    Turtle Island
    Where is your area?
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    I discovered running adaware and removing that gain_trickler thingy sped my cable internet up after it started slowing down (about a month after i got it).
  6. i live in Cali, but in my area i dont think cable connection is very popular. well i had analog cable tv b4 and it was pretty fast but now dat that i recently installed digital cable tv i guess thats the problem?

    sagima- i run adaware every 2 weeks so ima sure i removed it. but still didnt effect my sys
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    if you are using XP, I strongly wouldnt reccomend that tcp/ip tweaker... the optimal settings puts the RcvWin WAY TOO HIGH... possibly resulting in lost packets, and ping timeouts... It is an informative site, but I strongly disagree with this lil tweak app they are putting out for the use on XP.

    A forum/site I have found a little more useful than speedguide is dslreports .... great forums there among other broadband tools, not just for dsl