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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tdoan14, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Tdoan14

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    i just got cable internet today, but there are too many stuff cluttering my pc (old programs and changes that i cant recover) will formatting deactivate my modem? what will happen?
  2. Kr0m

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    I guess that would depend how your internet works. I'd do some research, maybe at your ISP's website for setup/connection info before you formatted.
  3. Luna64

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    I use Road Runner from TW and it works fine even after I format.

    I just have a cable line running into my modem, and then a normal connection between the modem and my LAN card.

    I don't even need to set anything up, Internet works on first boot.
  4. roban

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    I use cable and have formatted and no problems. It's your NIC that does the job for your cable modem and those drivers will be re-installed automatically.
  5. NetRyder

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    Since it's a cable connection, I think it would be a dynamic IP (most likely) in which case, it will work right out of the box when you format and reinstall. Go for it :)
  6. ElementalDragon

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    I too have cable, and have formatted my computer dozens... and dozens... and dozens of times without having to do anything to be able to browse the web again.