C650 - quad band?

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  1. Nick M

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    C650 - quad band? or whatever I need...

    I know nothing about cell phones - but, I need a quick question answered, please.

    I was going to get Cingular family plan, two phones, one year. I have a Motorola C650 that...is, uh, for my Grandma :p that I thought I could use as the third phone. I can unlock it, but...problem is, it doesn't support a frequency that Cingular uses...whatever frequency that is, once again, cell phone illiterate. So, the guy at the store tells me he can reflash it ( C650 ) to add that frequency and it'll work alright then.

    True, false?

    Thanks so much!
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  2. melon

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    I don't think you can flash a tri-band phone into a quad-band phone.

    In the U.S., GSM operates on 850 or 1900 MHz, and the C650 supports 1900 MHz. I know that most of Cingular's network is 1900 MHz, so you're probably good as-is.

  3. Nick M

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    Thanks! All I needed, much appreciated :)