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    Ok I bought C&C Generals and when i go to play online I can go into a game room. And when the match starts and everyone is connecting to the game i cannot connect and brings me back and says that i have a firewall up.I already went into network connections and i turned off the firewall on it. I have already configured most of my router firewall. I have a D-Link Router DI-704. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem or turn off this firewall?
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    you are probably looking to do port forwarding.. in which case I would advise you to read your little router booklet to find out how you forward ports.. and then check the c&c generals readme... or website to see what port you have to forward.. once you have done that... you are good to go...-
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    If you don't want to worry about port forwarding or your just out of slots on your forwarding page you can do the following:

    Setting up a static LAN ip helps insure the forwarded ports are forwarded to the correct LAN computer on the Network. Using DHCP your not sure which pc will recieve Depends on which computer is restarted and gets tricky. I recommend setting up a static LAN ip on your pc something below and higher than If you don't use something lower than 100 then you are in the DHCP range, If you don't use something higher than your using the Router config IP. I use and 20 for the next you can even use 7 then 10 or 2 then 3, just don't try using the same LAN ip with computers connected to the same Router.

    Next forward the ports to your static LAN ip if you like the safety of being behind a Firewall/Router. Otherwise put yourself on DMZ host which is just like not having a Router but I myself don't even use Norton anymore. It's annoying how it takes over your pc, and reminds you about stupid updates. It's a waiste of time if you have a Router. I have no problems while being on the DMZ host. Don't think any of you would either. I think there are still some safety being behind the Router on DMZ. I could be wrong.
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    DMZ is direct connection to the Internet - all is allowed in... all is allowed out. I suppose it would still have a certain level of security... but nowhere near as much as being in the router as a normal machine.

    you could test the theory of security as DMZ by installing zonealarm or something similar and seeing how many alerts come through :)

    I dont use a firewall on my machine anymore since I was connected through ICS on my mums machine. I now have a router which I connect to, which does the same thing. NAT seems to secure the machine up from the Internet, although if you map certain ports through... security risks on those ports are also mapped through (i.e. mapping 27374 through NAT will earn the machine many subseven probes lol)

    I'd say just map the ports for generals through... I'm sure it will be listed somewhere on the site, or forums... I found the port numbers for tiberian sun on a forum somewhere - worked a treat :)