c&c GeneralS installing problem

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Bail, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Bail

    Bail Guest

    i was about to install GENERALS ,after i agree in the agreements then i click next then suddenly a msg pops out it says "disk space required for the installation exceeds available disk space"

    what seems to be the problem? i still have 1.81gig free space:mad: :(
  2. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    on my HD it's 1.44G :)
    and windows needs more space
  3. jfactor01

    jfactor01 Guest

    how big is the install?
    cmon get another hd, only a small one if it means that much, wont set you back much
  4. Bail

    Bail Guest

    ok i already installed the generals..but when im goin to run the game there was an error mesage it says

    technical difficulties...
    sorry a serious error occured

  5. neo

    neo Guest

    I would say DO THE UPDATE. The game might trying to save it self on swap file. check the swap and buy a new hard drive they are cheap these days and you will need it for any expansion comes out.
  6. Bail

    Bail Guest

    whats a swap file?
  7. neo

    neo Guest

    Swap File

    A swap file is an area on your hard disk used as virtual memory. It's called a swap file because virtual memory management software swaps data between it and main memory (RAM).

    I am sorry I don't know if swap file and page file is diffrent but I meant so say pagefile Control Panel -> System -> Advance -> Performence -> Advance -> and Virtual Memory on the bottom see the amout of MB that much disk space is saved by windows you can change it (if you have less of equal of 512MB Ram I don't recommend it) by clicking Change -> Custom Size.

    Sometime very helpful links