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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by HoBoAzN, Jun 8, 2003.

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    Ok i have a real version of C&C Generals and i patched it and everything. Now when i put up the game its fine. The resolution is at the highest so everything is all good from there. When i go into a game: campaign, skirmish, online or anything. All my units are invisible. I don't know y its like the whole game is there but theres no units. I can select them but they are invisible so i can't see them. On the mini map they show up as they're there however i just don't see them on the game battle. Plz help me

    -thank you
  2. canadian_divx

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    i had a simlera problem with RA2 and i e-maild westwood about it and they tole me to reinstall the game, that is all i can think of and it wount hurt to do that. i have never herd of this problem before so i would sugest to just reinstall it