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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by danothemano, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. danothemano

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    Can anyone tell me where to get the best deal on Windows XP pro. I need to buy another copy to install on another PC but don't have much money :( right now.

  2. gonaads

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    If you have a copy of XP Pro already, why don't you go to MicroSquish's Site and find out about purchasing another License and just install it using the one you have now on your other Computer.

    Or if that is too expensive, hit the Computer Shows in your area and see if any one is selling it for cheap.
  3. Phantom_24

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    Also...if your a college student or KNOW someone who's in can get a REALLY cheap discount through the college store, for example here at University at Buffalo, students get their copies for under $50 !!
  4. peroxide

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    I always hit up BestBuy,

    But here is a lil arning, back when XP first came out, I went over to to buy it. I found one for $49.99. The buyer claimed is was brand new, still sealed in box. He even had homemade picyures of it sealed up, and it looked legit. So I brought it. When it arrived, it was in a regualr cd case, and on top of all that, it was a SamSung CD-R disc, and to make things worst, it had no liscense key nor did the cd work. The cd was blank.
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    thats called being fux0red up the pooper mate... you did see the right pictures I suppose lol... HIS legit copy.. not what you were getting...

    if too good to believe... don't bother buying...

    go with the university thing... date a college kid and have em buy you software :)
  6. Adam S

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    we get xp pro for free at my college, as well as office xp, and all win 2k products. they have a college license, similiar to a corporate license.
  7. JJB6486

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    Check computer shows, and stuff. I've seen OEM copies of XP Pro Full going for at little at $99

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    Sweet F-22 JJB !! Or is that rendered?!

    Real nice anyway !!
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    Microsoft had a special running where by providing them a business name(ficticious) they sold me a full, sealed, legit copy of pro for $39.95 plus tax and shipping. Came to just about 50 bucks. They say one per customer, but when they ran the special again, I entered a different email address and ..lo and behold, I bought a second full, sealed, legit version of Pro for again, about 50 bucks delivered. Check it out..don't have the link now, but I'll look for it.
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    thanks for the merge madmatt, good call. :)

    p.s. anyway u can move the link up to say, the first post, so people get it as soon as they open up the thread? or move my post with the quote to 1st or second? thanks.
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    will the us version of xp pro work ok in the uk on a uk computer?