Burning MP3 On XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KirbyKyle, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. KirbyKyle

    KirbyKyle Guest

    Here's my problem:

    Since I installed XP I can no longer burn mp3's I currently use Musicmatch when I get to about 7% my burner stops. I then down loaded the trial version of Easy CD Creator 5.0. That didn't work. The I installed ASPI like many of you suggested in other threads. That didn't work I now get to 2% in the Easy CD Creator. Please help.
  2. Goatman

    Goatman Ska Daddy

    Have u tried using Media Player to burn a CD?
  3. KirbyKyle

    KirbyKyle Guest

    I Have and it also hung up on me
  4. XeoNoX

    XeoNoX OSNN Senior Addict

    just use nero
  5. SirLasher

    SirLasher Guest

    this is interesting.. Im using the latest version of Music Match with zero problems. Matter of fact it burns much faster than before.
  6. noah472

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    I use NTI pro... ite fantastic and very robust!! Even if there is a small glitch in the recording then it still continues so you get a copy and dont waste hundreds of disks getting the perfect copy!

  7. westy1

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    You can get a free trial of Nero 5.5 from there web site, thats what I use with no probs.........
  8. XeoNoX

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  9. KirbyKyle

    KirbyKyle Guest

    Well I down loaded Nero and it works just as you guys said.

    Thank you.

    I would still like to get my other programs to work like MusicMatch since I paid for a life time of upgrades.
  10. existenz

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    phone or email them for XP support :D

    my musicmatch jukebox didn't work well, neither, but it came with my computer, so it didn't really matter.
  11. XeoNoX

    XeoNoX OSNN Senior Addict

    told ya it would have worked
  12. image2

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    I just burnt an MP3 cd this morning. Had the MP3s on the HD, then just drag and dropped on my CDR... POOF! One MP3 cd. So I guess the native support of WinXP worked for me. No clue why yours doesn't. Runing WinXP pro and using a Lite-On CDRW.
  13. KirbyKyle

    KirbyKyle Guest

    My problem wasn't so much burning mp3's as it was turning an mp3 back into a Audio CD. Now I did have trouble getting my mp3's off an existing CD I made with EZCD when I had Win ME. My drive wouldn't read my cd it said is was corrupted so I opened it in Musicmatch and then reopened the same CD in Windows Exporer (while leaving MMJB open) and like magic it was there. Go figure.
  14. westy1

    westy1 Guest

    I have not had to use it myself, but have you tried compatibility mode..... find the .EXE file right click on it select properties, then you have the option to run it under another windows operating system. eg windows 98.......
  15. KirbyKyle

    KirbyKyle Guest

    I should have said that all my mp3 CD's (about 10 of them) did this. But this was prior to installing the ASPI files. I have not gone back to see if that solved my problem. When I figured out that I could read the CDs by opening MMJB I saved all my mp3 files to my HDD.
  16. i have had that problem as well man. With 98SE and XP both. I convert my mp3's to WAV's before I burn them. It seems to work well for me. Good luck!
  17. phishhead

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    San Diego, California
    what I would do is uninstall any buringing apps you have install the the xp aspi drivers then install the apps back with easycd creator there is an xp patch that you have to load...before rebooting..I also use nero no probs here