Burning Copy CDs with a DVD/CDRW Combo?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pjkim01, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. pjkim01

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    I have always owned two drives on my desktop and DVD and CDRW. But just recently went to a labtop with a Combo DVD/CDRW drive. Does anybody know how to copy cd-to-cd?

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  2. Gouk

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    you cannot do a CD-TO-CD copy with just one drive.

    download Diskjuggler from www.padus.com and look at the attached image below.

    what it does is read the cd you wanna backup and then it reads it to an image file as a temp file, dj then asks for a blank cdr which you then replace the cd you wanna copy with cdr, hit start button in the dj program and it will burn the image.

    with one drive and this method it takes double the time than a CD-TO-CD copy which is only possible with two drives.

    hope this helpz
  3. LPDad

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    You want CLONECD.

    It is perfect for what you want to do.
    writes to a file, ejects disk
    put new disk in
    read to disk, ejects new burned disk.

    Thats it.

    And if you get cloney to work with it your settings for most any copyprotected cd will be automatic.

    you can get them at www.unitethecows.com
  4. Qumahlin

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    Nero can also do that, it just saves the cd as a img, then burns the image.
  5. pjkim01

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    Thanks Gouk, looks like it worked.
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    Why is it that everytime i look at a pic that someone post that I ALWAYS Try and click ok or cancel :confused:
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    lol Dubbin1, I know what you mean. I guess we have clicked SO DAMN MANY of those annoying popups that we just do it subconsciously.

    I vote for CloneCD.

    Followed By Blindwrite.
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    i would go for cdrwin or clonecd both very good and very quick