Building New Computer, Questions And Advice Needed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. psx2000

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    I am planning to build a new computer for myself to play games and edit some video.I have a dvd burner and cd burner and everything else needed. Below is my specs.

    MotherBoard: Gigabyte AMD: GA-7VAX KT400
    CPU: XP2200 (rather get xp2600, not sure on release date.
    MEMORY: 3 sticks of Corsair Memory DDR PC3200 512MB
    VIDEOCARD: ATI Radeon 9700 PRO 128MB
    Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum

    Are they anything I could improve or changes I could make?

    Is that soundcard worth money or is the cheaper Audigy Gamer that runs around 99 do the same thing basiclly?

    Is there a better motherboard? Here is my selection choices.

    For the memory i was thinking of getting 1 gb sticks but I cant find them anywhere.
  2. MiseryQv2.1

    MiseryQv2.1 Guest

    Sounds pretty good...
    If I was buying that list I do'nt think I would worry about the price difference of the sound card...
  3. XP Abuser

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    killer machine wish i was rich
  4. GT2000

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    System looks pretty good, I can't really offer any advice on a sound card, as I'm using the onboard ac'97 from my msi mobo, but that makes no difference when you have it hooked to a nice home stereo :)

    As for memory, I would stick to the 512mb sticks, 1gb sticks go up in price a tad, that, and the only ones I could find at newegg are crucial 1gb REGISTERED sticks, running for a cool $400 :rolleyes:

    You'll be set with what you have listed, don't sweat a thing!
  5. Goatman

    Goatman Ska Daddy

    Ummm, the Gamer Audigy is the same card, it just doesn't come with that fancy Audgy Drive thing. Also if you wait a wee bit for the sound card, the Audigy 2 will be released soon.
  6. [CpK]Bastid

    [CpK]Bastid Guest

    u should be careful bout runnin more than two sticks of ram....some boards have issues with usin all the slots full

    as for 1gb sticks you're not going to get it in pc3200...fastest 1gb stick i seen is pc2100.

    check pricewatch