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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pothitos, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. pothitos

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    Didnt really know where to post this so i just put it in here.

    I need some help on choosing the parts for the new PC im building. Preferably i want it to be an AMD Athlon XP 2000 but i dont really know where to start. So any help would be appreciated.


    P.S. Please dont make this into another Intel vs. AMD thread!
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    well first you have to decide if you want onboard audio and video or if you want to just buy your own cards second then you decide what kind of board you want go with either MSI or Abit, ASUS all are good you want to overclock......gonna need a case of coures and cooling fans heatsink all the goodies ill put some web sites of places to look for you and you will need to get at least 350+ power supply and that should cover everything you need besides ram and keyboard the usual stuff to make her run.:D


    if i left anything out someone fill in for me:cool:
  4. vdubVR6

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    so to start get

    1. case/fan/powersupply
    2. processor/heatsink/fan
    3. mobo/ram
    4. video/sound if needed

    2,3,4 dont really mater(what order) i just think its a good idea to have some place to put everything first.:D l8tr

    edit: let me know what exactly you want to do with this thing and i can help you out more.
  5. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    K thnx for the info.

    I would use it for graphic designing (photoshop, Cinema 4D, ect...) and surfing the web.

    [edit]what chipset do u reccomend i use? [/edit]
  6. vdubVR6

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    nVidia if you are going for graphics.

    and VIA bc i hear alot about them on this site.
  7. pothitos

    pothitos Guest


    I've had a look round and this is what i've come up with:
    Mobo-Asus A7V333 - RAID
    CPU-AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    RAM-512Mb crucial DDR PC2100
    Power Supply-Enermax EG365AX-VE 350W
    HD-Maxtor DiamondMAX Plus D740X 80 Gb
    CPU Heatsink + fan-Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu+
    CD-RW-LG 32x/10x/40x
    Case Fan- Thermaltake TT-6025A-2b 60mm
    Graphics-Gainward GeForce 4 4200 64Mb

    The case i wanted to get was this one:
    but I wasnt sure if the mobo would fit :S

    Any comments appreciated on what I should keep/change

  8. vdubVR6

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    it will fit the case those are standard atx and mini atx cases so you will be okay on that for the rest of it HELL ya sounds like you gonna have yourself one hell of a thing though do you really need a raid...are you running this pc as a server? you dont have to be running a server for a raid. and im not sure about the gainward 4 i dont follow up on graphics chips to much i tend to stick to ps2 and xbox for games your gonna need another oppinon for that but overall sounds sweet dude that nobless case i belive is what it is is a great case for cooling try to get atleast 2 fans for the chasis, and power supply from what i read on here if you have a amdXP and gf4 you should stick with a 350+ no less.
  9. vdubVR6

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    one more question,...does that board have onboard 5.1channel sound.....i didnt see a soundcard and i know asus is starting to do a dolby digital package.
  10. pothitos

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    The board has onboard 6 channel sound. The reason why i chose the raid board was because it had IEEE1394 and the onboard sound. The standard board didnt have those
  11. vdubVR6

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    SWEET when you gonna start this project this your first build on your own.....i remember the first time i built a pc(daydreaming) o yeah um hey if you need some pointers let me know ill be glad to help you out. if this is your first time let me know i will tell you what to look out for and what to make sure you do/dont do
  12. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    this is my first time. Its gonna cost me about 700 pounds so I'm not sure when im gona start. I got to sell some other stuff first.
    Any pointers would be very much appreciated,

  13. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    I want some other opinions first aswell just to make sure it will all work together :)
  14. vdubVR6

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    well everything you named is compatiable im just not sure about the video card(dont keep up on them) so def. get some feed back on that or search the foroums there are usually alot of good discusions on v.c. as for tips i will pm you a top ten list of simple little rules to follow. helps out a lot actually and teach you a few things you might not have known.:D

    wont be till later though im still at work(yeah) l8tr bro.
  15. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    hehe i got 8 weeks of just staying at home :p
  16. Gary Pandher

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    sounds pretty good
    if u gonna use photoshop n all of that
    u may want to go with ddr 333 ram...pc 2700...
    buh ur choice
    and as for a vid card
    here's a gforce 4 4200 128mb ram

    SOLTEK GEFORCE 4 TI4200 128MB DDR DVI VIVO W/ TV OUT $299.00 ...
    thats canadian price it would b cheaper for u...
  17. pothitos

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    K thanks im looking into that vid card
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    I went to the backroom of this computer repair shop, and the guy didn't have a case, he had his mobo naled to the wall.
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