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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jdb264c, Jul 30, 2002.

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    Had forgotten all about BSOD until a week ago... I know get a kernel_data_inpage_error with stop 0x0000007A (0xE17ECA14 0x000000E 0xBF8F5C8F 0x0F934860) win32k.sys adress BF800000 datestamp 3B7DE698

    This is pure greek for me...anyone have a clue? Or do you need more information?

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    Yep, more info would help us help you ! Under XP, I presume ? Your hardware (cpu, mobo, ram, video, sound, ...) ?

    But it could be that your win32k.sys has gone corrupted ? Did it occur just once ? No other strange happening ? Did you install something lately ?
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    Ok, here's my system:
    ASUS K7V, Athlon 1.2 Ghz, 1x256 SDRAM, IBM 46Gb Hd (don't know which type), Pulsar soundcard, SB Live, two network-cards. ATI Radeon VE. XP Prof.

    If it would be a corrupted win32.sys, what to do? Maybe a repair installation...
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    The strange thing is that I got an hd from a friend, an IBM, installed it and then it started. This hd had a SMART-error and it's long gone, but the BSOD's still here. Can't really correlate it to any specific program or something I do.
    Thx for your replies!
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    search micro$oft's web site.