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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by AcftMecH, May 28, 2005.

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    I am using Kubuntu and like to listen to internet radio. I have the mplayer plugin and it works well, but it stays in the browser window. I would like something that sits in the systray. I have installed the mozilla plugin for kaffeine and it will work separately from a browser window like I want, but it never plays, just sits and buffers. I know this kaffeine plugin works with other distros, so it is a bug with kubuntu.

    I have tried to put in the URL in Kaffeine manually and does the same thing. Mplayer gives me an error about fonts on startup for the gui...something about a path. but I can still put a url in it, but doesnt work.

    any suggestions on how I can get something to work that sits in the tray?

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    you could use xmms and just setup a mime type relationship so that when clicking on a streaming link it will open buffer and play. Its what i do using ubuntu :)
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    hmmmm... interesting...thanks for the tip! Actually that sounds damn good :laugh:

    thanks again!